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The online magazine ‘History Truth’ was born over 20 years ago to fill a gap and to fight, with the tools of the intellect and by virtue of the love for freedom of expression, the historiographic ‘conformism’ that has polluted, In our opinion, since the end of the Second World War, much of the field of historiography, especially that concerning the era of great ideologies, that is, the twentieth century. For decades, in fact, the alleged holders of ‘historical truth’ referring to political and financial potentates, have worked to ‘adjust’ history and shape it in the image and likeness of ideological beliefs that have nothing to do with the aforementioned ‘historical truth’, while denying cultural dignity and reliability not only to ‘traditionalist’ researchers, but to all those who did not share certain principles of interpretation. In essence, the holders of Power, strengthened by the supine and unconditional support of school and university, have in fact denied to many subjects the opportunity to freely and knowingly express opinions about history understood as not entirely random genesis of the human species. ‘Storia Verità’, which has a staff of high-level Collaborators among whom – we mention only a few: Roberto De Mattei, Lucio Brignoli, Mario Bernardi Guardi, Marco Iacona, Giulio Alfano, Primo Siena, Marco Cimmino, Roberto Mauriello, Tommaso Romano, Andrea Lombardi, Fabio Bozzo, Giulio Vignoli, Luciano Garibaldi, Piero Vassallo, Michele Rallo, Alain De Benoist, Chantal Fantuzzi, Cristina Bardella) can, on the contrary, help to overturn this mystifying and inadequate criterion or practice of investigation, giving space to the objective, and therefore non-conformist, revisiting of events that have determined, for better or worse, those epochal changes we are witnessing and of which, unfortunately, many Italians are not yet able to give a logical explanation. Impossibility determined, as mentioned, by decades of piloted misinformation. All this to offer the reader not definitive solutions, but an opportunity for choice and above all tools that can help him to decrypt the present through an honest and correct understanding of the past. History is not, in fact, a moral discipline, but has its own specific ethics that must be respected.

Alberto Rosselli (Managing Director)

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