The Mistery of... UFO's by Mary Blount Christian

By Mary Blount Christian

Discusses a variety of unidentified flying object sightings/encounters through the years, delivering rational, normal motives for a few, admitting there's no reason behind others.

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Has some civilization, found a way to solve these would they choose to visit us? distant star, And why Skylah, an orbiting space station, has provided us with information for space travel. 40 needed Chapter 5 Since 1960, nearby stars we have and galaxies for possible Maybe someone Over ing its "listened" to hundreds of out there is intelligent signals. listening, too. the last thirty years, the Earth has been increas- use of high-powered transmitters, radios, tele- and electric motors. These set up quite a powerful buzz in the atmosphere.

A survey taken in 1973 and 1974 showed that the idea of alien frightening. seen a visitors was no longer Ten percent of the people thought they had UFO at one time or another. Sightings have been reported by astronauts and housewives, children and pilots, fishermen, police officers, and statesmen. Governor John Gilligan of Ohio has seen a UFO. Former President Jimmy Carter has seen one. Thousands of sightings have been reported over the last several years. " They divide them into three classes.

This can produce a halo around shadows, or a rainbow. The rainbow appears to move away from us. If the air is cold enough, the droplets turn into ice crystals. Crystals are like tiny prisms. They can reflect light one or more times before it exits at a Shadows can be cast different angle. Depending on the calmness of the air, horizontal or vertical bands of light may be produced. If these bands meet at the angle of the sun they produce a bright cross suspended in the air. These images are called sundogs.

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