Tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of zagros and makran by P. Leturmy, C. Robin

By P. Leturmy, C. Robin

The Zagros fold-thrust belt (ZFTB) extends from Turkey to the Hormuz Strait, caused by the collision of the Arabian and Eurasian plates in the course of Cenozoic instances, and separates the Arabian platform from the big plateaux of principal Iran. To the east a suggested syntaxis marks the transition among the Zagros collision belt and the Makran accretionary wedge. within the ZFTB, the Proterozoic to fresh stratigraphic succession pile is fascinated with large folds, and gives the chance to review the stratigraphic and tectonic evolution of the Palaeo-Tethyan margin. Few fresh info have been generally on hand at the southern Tethys margin preserved within the Zagros Mountains. the center East Basins Evolution (MEBE) software was once a superb chance to return to the sector and to gather new facts to raised constrain the evolution of this margin. during this quantity the constitution of the Zagros Mountains is explored via various scales and utilizing diverse methodologies. The Geological Society of LondonFounded in 1807, the Geological Society of London is the oldest geological society on the planet, and one of many greatest publishers within the Earth sciences.The Society publishes quite a lot of top quality peer-reviewed titles for lecturers and execs operating within the geosciences, and enjoys an enviable foreign acceptance for the standard of its work.The many parts during which we submit in include:-Petroleum geology-Tectonics, structural geology and geodynamics-Stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology-Volcanology, magmatic experiences and geochemistry-Remote sensing-History of geology-Regional geology publications

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However, the seismic activity localized along the Kazerun segment implies basement faulting because earthquakes are probably located in the basement, and thus an important role for the Kazerun Fault System in the Zagros deformation. We observe an important contrast in the style of deformation west and east of the KFS. To the west, the belt is narrow and the deformation is partitioned between the strike-slip MRF and the shortening. To the east, the belt is wider, the deformation is more localized than in the west, and the MRF spreads into several strike-slip faults that look like a large distributed en echelon system (Dena, Kazerun –HZF, HZF–Kareh-Bas –Sabz-Pushan).

Geophysical Journal International, 170, 182– 194. Z OBACK , M. , Z OBACK , M. L. ET AL . 1987. New evidence on the state of stress of the San Andreas Fault System. Science, 238, 1105– 1111. The transition between Makran subduction and the Zagros collision: recent advances in its structure and active deformation V. REGARD1*, D. HATZFELD2, M. MOLINARO3,4, C. AUBOURG3, R. BAYER5, O. BELLIER6, F. YAMINI-FARD7, M. PEYRET5 & M. ABBASSI7 1 LMTG, Universite´ de Toulouse – CNRS – IRD – OMP, 14 av. E. , Rijswijk, Netherlands 5 Ge´osciences Montpellier, UMR 5243 – CC 60, Universite´ Montpellier 2, Place E.

Some researches do not require faults in the basement (McQuarrie 2004), whereas others have proposed that deformation started in a thin-skinned mode and continued as thick-skinned deformation (Blanc et al. 2003; Molinaro et al. 2004; Sherkati et al. 2005). Some workers have suggested that faulting post-dates folding (Blanc et al. 2003; Molinaro et al. 2005), whereas others have proposed that basement faulting predated folding (Mouthereau et al. 2006). It is therefore problematic to infer basement faulting, and moreover to estimate the amount of shortening, from balanced cross-sections alone, without complete control of the geometry of the different interfaces.

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