Studies in Clinical Enzymology by D. P. Mullan

By D. P. Mullan

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G O O D F R I E N D , T . L . a n d K A P L A N , Ν . O. ( 1 9 6 4 ) . Lactic dehydrogenases : functions of the two types. Science, 143, 929-33· E I C H E L , H . j . a n d B U K O V S K Y J J . (1961). Intracellular distribution pattern of r a t liver glutamic oxalo-acetic transaminase. Mature, i9i> 243-5. E L L I O T T , B. A . a n d W I L K I N S O N , j . H. (1961). S e r u m c a - h y d r o x y - butyric dehydrogenase' disease. Lancet, i , 698. in myocardial infarction, a n d liver F R E N K E L , M .

W I L S O N , A . c , C A H N , R. D . a n d K A P L A N , N. o . (1963). Functions of the two forms of lactic dehydrogenase in the breast muscle of birds. Nature, 197, 331. WROBLEWSKi, F . a n d G R E G O R Y , K . F. (1961). Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes a n d their distribution in normal tissues a n d plasma a n d in disease states. Ann. T. Acad. , 94, 912. ΖΙΝΚΗΑΜ, W. H . , BLANCO, A . a n d KUPCHYK, L. ( 1 9 6 6 ) . IsO- zymes. Biological a n d clinical significance. Paediatrics, 37, 120-31.

1966) found that this biochemical triad was not helpful, and did not distinguish between pneumonia and pulmonary infarction. D. in some cases of pulmonary infarction. Of nineteen patients with probable pulmonary embolus Cohen et al. H. Three of these cases had an increase in L . D . H . H. H. 5 and one had both abnormalities. H. had an increase in L . D . H . H. iso-enzyme pattern. H. H. 5 was due to liver congestion. H. l5 in pulmonary infarction could be due to 44 CLINICAL ENZYMOLOGY various factors including haemolysis of red cells or myocardial anoxia due to shock and reduced coronary blood flow.

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