Studien zu germanischen Schilden derSpatlatene und der by Norbert Zieling

By Norbert Zieling

Category, chronology, dialogue of social value are the top items of this giant thesis with a entire catalogue of unearths.

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364,365; Allegro 27(D2) Milik, DJD VI (1977) pl. 364,365; Allegro 27(D2) Milik, DJD VI (1977) pl. 448; Allegro 27(C10- Milik, DJD VI (1977) pls. : see 4Q515 c 474 Ordin Mez E 4Q153 a 138 H-L Mez D 4Q152 a TgJob Mez C 4Q151 130 299 173 813 174 174 174 210 pHos pHos pIsae pIsad 354 675 587 291 584,599 pIsa b DAJ 583,585 pIsac pIsaa parSam 137 TgLev Mez B 4Q150 813 Mez A 4Q149 A30 A9,9' A5" A7? A8a,b A6? A5-5' A14 A17 M4b M4a M1-4 M1-4 M1-4 M1-4 M1-4 M1-4 M1-4 M1-4 Phyl U 4Q148 813 Sigla Prev. M1-4 Inv.

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