Sedimentary Basin Tectonics from the Black Sea and Caucasus by M. Sosson, N. Kaymakci, R. A. Stephenson, V. Starostenko, F.

By M. Sosson, N. Kaymakci, R. A. Stephenson, V. Starostenko, F. Bergerat

This broad zone of the Alpine-Himalayan belt developed via a chain of tectonic occasions relating to the hole and closure of the Tethys Ocean. In doing so it produced the most important mountain belt of the realm, which extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. The basins linked to this belt include important details concerning mountain development techniques and are the locus of wealthy hydrocarbon accumulations. despite the fact that, wisdom in regards to the geological evolution of the sector is proscribed in comparison to what they provide. This has been normally end result of the hassle and inaccessibility of cross-country experiences. This precise book is devoted to the a part of the Alpine-Himalayan belt operating from Bulgaria to Armenia, and from Ukraine to the Arabian Platform. It contains twenty multidisciplinary reviews protecting themes in structural geology/tectonics; geophysics; geochemistry; palaeontology; petrography; sedimentology; stratigraphy; and subsidence and lithospheric modelling. This quantity stories effects acquired throughout the MEBE (Middle East Basin Evolution) Programme and comparable tasks within the circum Black Sea and peri-Arabian regions.The Geological Society of LondonFounded in 1807, the Geological Society of London is the oldest geological society on the planet, and one of many biggest publishers within the Earth sciences.The Society publishes quite a lot of fine quality peer-reviewed titles for lecturers and pros operating within the geosciences, and enjoys an enviable overseas recognition for the standard of its work.The many components during which we post in include:-Petroleum geology-Tectonics, structural geology and geodynamics-Stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology-Volcanology, magmatic reviews and geochemistry-Remote sensing-History of geology-Regional geology publications

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V. 2002. Heat Flow Field of the Territory of Ukraine. Znanie Ukraini, Kiev (in Russian). Go¨ru¨r, N. 1988. Timing of opening of the Black Sea Basin. Tectonophysics, 147, 247–262. Gradinaru, E. 1984. Jurassic rocks of north Dobrogea. A depositional-tectonic approach. Revue Roumaine de Ge´ologie, Ge´ophysique et Ge´ographie, 28, 61–72. -C. 2002. Geodynamics of Dobrogea (Romania): new constraints on the evolution of the Tornquist-Teisseyre Line, the Black Sea and the Carpathians. Tectonophysics, 357, 33–53.

During Maikopian time (Oligocene–Lower Miocene) a system of narrow troughs (Sorokin and Kerch-Taman Troughs) developed along the Crimea coast. This system can also be traced along the Caucasus coast into the Tuapse Basin. The main subsidence phase and infilling with sediments in these troughs, as well as in the IndoloKuban Trough, occurred in Maikopian time, when up to 5 km of sediments were deposited. 5– 4 km) and areal coverage (Fig. 3). 5–2 times less than in the EBS. The features of the present single Black Sea Basin formed in Anthropogene time are shown in Figure 3 with the accumulation of thick (more than 3 km) deposits within the Danube delta in the west and in the DonKuban delta in the east, over the Kerch-Taman shelf.

Various authors have attempted to determine the age of the Black Sea using the geothermal data. But the significant lateral heterogeneity in observations, the great thicknesses of sediments and the considerable ambiguity of most parameters involved in such modelling, has led to contradictory results. The age of basin formation estimated this way varies from 60 –70 Ma for the whole basin (Verzbitsky et al. 2003) to 130–150 Ma for the EBS (Kutas et al. 1998); 70 –90 Ma age was inferred for the WBS (Kutas et al.

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