Rock Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration by G.J.S. Govett

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The data in Table 4-II show that the Sn content is not very different among the four granites, but there are very large differences in Li, Rb, Sr, and Ba. R. Taylor, 1965); therefore they are indicators of the possibility of volatile and rare metal-rich magma fractions. Also, since Rb shows a stronger relation to F than to K (F is generally accepted as an important constituent of mineralizing fluids) and since Rb migrates with F and Ba has a weak relation with F (but tends to accumulate in primary high temperature minerals), a magma differentiating with a high volatile content will have a low Ba: Rb ratio (Tauson and Kozlov, 1973).

This concept is illustrated in Fig. 4-1 for three genetically related massifs (Krykkuduk, Ashchikol'sk, and Akkuduk) and one massif (Tasadyr) that is not related to the former three massifs; only the Ashchikol'sk massif is mineralized. The Tasadyr massif is different in age, composition, and chemical nature from the Krykkuduk and Ashchikol'sk massifs. Nevertheless, the mean Co content (23 ppm) in the Tasadyr porphyritic granite is the same as in the genetically different Krykkuduk granodiorite, whereas the mean Co contents of the genetically related Krykkuduk and Askchikol'sk granodiorites are quite different.

3-4. Comparison of frequency distributions of 100 individual samples (random or systematic spatial distribution), and averages of 4-sample blocks of random and systematic spatial distributions (see Fig. 3-3). 8ppm) s - 0 . 2 2 3 ( - 1 . 1 Fig. 3-5. Frequency distribution of logio transformed data from Fig. 3-1. frequency distribution is positively skewed; therefore to apply parametric statistics, the data must be transformed to approximate a normal distribution. A common practice is to convert the raw data to log 10 ; this is done in Fig.

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