Renaissance of Sickle Cell Disease Research in the Genome by Betty S. Pace

By Betty S. Pace

The Human Genome venture has spawned a Renaissance of study confronted with the daunting expectation of custom-made drugs for people with sickle cellphone affliction within the Genome period. This booklet bargains a entire and undying account of rising options in medical and easy technology examine, and group issues of overall healthiness disparity to teach execs, scholars and most people approximately assembly this demanding expectation. Contributions from physicians, study scientists, medical directors and neighborhood employees make Renaissance of Sickle mobile illness learn within the Genome period exact one of the catalogue of books in this genetic sickness.

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The first case report in United States literature occurred in 1910, when James B. Herrick, a cardiologist at Rush Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago, described the physical attributes of the disease as “peculiar, elongated and sickle-shaped erythrocytes” causing “distortion of red blood cells . . ” One of his patients, a 20-year-old student at the University of Chicago Dental School, presented years earlier at Rush Presbyterian Hospital with a leg ulcer and, later, pneumonia. On the patient’s peripheral blood smear, marked anemia and crescent-shaped erythrocytes were noted.

Dozy 1978 Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) and DNA Haplotypes J. DeSimone and P. Heller 1982 Reactivation of fetal (dormant) gene expression R. Saiki and K. Mullis 1985 Clinical application of PCR October 19, 2006 20:0 Trim Size: 10in x 7in (SPI-B377) - Renaissance of Sickle Cell Disease Research in the Genomic Era 10 ch01 C. Reid and G. Rodgers Summary A number of seminal developments marked the pathway from the early clinical description of sickle cell anemia in 1910 to the unparalleled advances of the past three decades.

Clin Chem 13:578. 15. Nalbandian RM, Henry RL, Barnhart MI, Nichols BM, Camp FR Jr, Wolf PL (1971). Sickle reversed and blocked by urea in invert sugar. Am J Pathol 65:405–422. 16. McCurdy PR, Mahmood L (1971). Intravenous urea treatment of the painful crisis of sickle cell disease, N Engl J Med 285:992–994. 17. (No authors listed) (1974). Therapy for sickle cell vaso-occlusive crises. Controlled clinical trials and cooperative study of intravenously administered alkali. JAMA 228:1129–1131. 18.

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