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Computer- Aided Design in Power Engineering: Application of Software Tools

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Numerical Calculation of Lubrication: Methods and Programs

Concentrating on easy lubrication difficulties this ebook deals particular engineering functions. The booklet introduces equipment and courses for an important lubrication difficulties and their strategies. it really is divided into 4 components. the 1st half is ready the final fixing tools of the Reynolds equation, together with ideas of Reynolds equations with diversified stipulations and their discrete kinds, corresponding to a steady-state incompressible slider, magazine bearing, dynamic bearing, gasoline bearing and grease lubrication.

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6°C) change in temperature. The coefficient of thermal expansion is the same value for PVCO and PVC pipe material. , with pipe spigot inserted into bell joints up to manufacturer’s insertion mark), will accommodate substantial thermal expansion and contraction. 6°C) ∆T for PVC pipe Pipe Length Length Change ft (m) in. 91) Copyright © 2002 American Water Works Association, All Rights Reserved DESIGN FACTORS Figure 4-6 Length variation of unrestrained PVC pipe as a result of temperature change Copyright © 2002 American Water Works Association, All Rights Reserved 41 42 PVC PIPE—DESIGN AND INSTALLATION expansion and contraction is not a significant factor in system design within the accepted range of operating temperatures for buried PVC water pipe.

75 Copyright © 2002 American Water Works Association, All Rights Reserved d If soil contains ≥15% sand, add “with sand” to group name. e Gravels with 5 to 12% fines require dual symbols: GW-GM well-graded gravel with silt GW-GC well-graded gravel with clay GP-GM poorly graded gravel with silt GP-GC poorly graded gravel with clay ( D 30 ) Cc = ---------------------------D 10 × D 60 2 a Based on the material passing the 3-in. (75-mm) sieve. b If field sample contained cobbles and/or boulders, add “with cobbles and/or boulders” to group name.

Trench width at pipe springline (Bd) = 18 in. Cover depth (H) = 10 ft. 9) Course-grained soil with fines (GM, GC, SM, SC, GM-GC, GC-SC, and so forth) containing more than 12% fines Course-grained soils with little or no fines (GW, GP, SW, SP, GW-GC, SP-SM, and so forth) containing 12% fines and less Crushed rock and GP with ≤15% sand, max. 25% passing the 3/8-in. sieve, and max. 5% fines. 69) Values for E′ b for in-between soils or borderline proctor densities may be interpolated. Percent proctor density per ASTM D698 and relative density per ASTM D4253 and D4254.

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