Plutonium in the Environment, Proceedings of the Second by A. Kudo

By A. Kudo

...this quantity is a vital assessment of the prestige of measurements of plutonium within the surroundings. — J.M. Robin Hutchinson, Radiation Physics and Chemistry

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5) to give a "concentration ratio", CR, Bq 239'24~ kg-1 dry biota/Bq kg-1 dry 0-3 cm sediment (Table 1). It is noted that, although Table 1 Thule-1997. Plutonium Concentration Ratios, CR, Bq 239'240pukg -1 dry biota/Bq kg-1 dry sediment between various groups of benthic biota and upper 3 cm of sediments. 00035 Macoma calcarea Snails Squid, Rossia sp. Starfish Brittle stars Feather stars Sea Urchins Sea cucumber Shrimp var. Pectinaria var. Tube Liparis sp. a Outlier, probably caused by hot particle.

Eriksson a,b, E. Ilus c, T. A. E Nielsen a aRise National Laboratory, P O. Box 49, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark bDep. of Radiation Physics, Lund University Hospital, S-221 85 Lund, Sweden cSTUK-Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, P O. Box 14, Fin-O0881 Helsinki, Finland dRadiological Protection Institute of lreland, Dublin 14, Ireland eDepartment of Experimental Physics, University College Dublin, Ireland Abstract In January 1968, a B52 plane carrying 4 nuclear weapons crashed on the sea ice -~ 12 krn from the Thule Air Base, in northwest Greenland.

J. Am. Chem. , 73, 2529-2531. Pietrzak-Flis, Z. & Orzechowska, G. (1993). Plutonium in daily diet in Poland after the Chernobyl accident. Hlth. , 65, 498--492. Seaborg, G. T. & Perlman, M. L. (1948). Search for elements 93 and 94 in nature. Presence of 94239 in pitchblende. J. Am. Chem. , 70, 1571-1573. Seeger, P. , Rokop, S. , Palmer, P. , Henderson, S. , Hobart, D. E. & Trewhella, J. (1997). Neutron resonance scanning shows specific binding of plutonium to the calcium-binding sites of the protein calmodulin and yields precise distance information.

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