Nuclear Volume and Cellular Metabolism by Priv. Doz. Dr. Reinhard Hildebrand (auth.)

By Priv. Doz. Dr. Reinhard Hildebrand (auth.)

The software of morphometric thoughts in biology and the improvement ofbioche­ mical tools for cytological-histological learn have deepened considerably our wisdom and figuring out of the constitution, dynamics, and serve as of morphologi­ cal constructions, thereby bettering upon a in simple terms descriptive presentation. hence the boundaries among the person disciplines in uncomplicated examine became blurred. With the advance of appropriate equipment of measuring the scale of nuclear volu­ mes, it has turn into attainable to acquire info in regards to the variable nation and nucleo­ kinetic tactics within the "genetic heart of regulate" of the phone (Siebert 1967), and to guage those facts statistically so that it will lead them to verifiable. With the formula of the "basic legislation of karyometry" by means of Palkovits and Fischer (1968), in a dynamic method of "genetic" and "functional tendencies" in karyometry, i. e. , an try and relate nuclear quantity alterations solely to the dimensions and variety of chromosomes, and, however, to realize those adjustments as an expression of sensible adjustments, effectively attached with each other and interpreted bio­ logically. The early function-oriented commentary swelling of the nuclear quantity is an expression of a rise in mobile functionality, whereas a reduce within the quantity is a sign of a decreasing of job, supplied a initial foundation for estimating nu­ transparent measurement as an announcement concerning the sensible country of a tissue or organ.

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1977), or the development from fetal to adult liver in the hamster (Katz et al. , more functional than structural (Jungermann and Sasse 1978). Under the dietatic conditions examined here all the enzymes except the isocitrate dehydrogenase elicited a proportional increase or decrease of their activities in the zones of the liver acinus. The activity of isocitrate dehydrogenase declined in contrast to that seen in controls in the perivenous zone, exhibiting normally higher values there. The zone-proportional induction or lowering of activity suggests that the normal metabolic zonation is at first maintained under a more structural aspect.

Here as well, alanine aminotransferase and tyrosine aminotransferase, which are active in amino acid and N metabolism (Shank et al. 1959; Morrison et al. 1965a; Welsh 1972), and the B-hydroxy-butyryl-CoA-dehydrogenase which acts in lipid metabolism (Shank et al. 1959; Morrison et al' 1965a) are preferentially found. The key enzymes of gluconeogenesis, glucose-6-phosphatase (Sasse et al. 1975; Katz et al. 1977a, Teutsch 1978), PEP carboxykinase (Guder and Schmidt 1976), and fructose1, 6-biphosphatase (Katz et al.

15. In the altromin R plus glucose group the periportal main peak is accentuated and the percentage of higher nuclear classes increases slightly. In the perivenous zone the main maximum shifts to the right by about half a nuclear class. In the two malnourished groups (glucose 40% and pair-fed) a slight, or more pronounced shift to the left respectively occurred. 23 , 60 ContrOl - - periportal ............. per . 65 Nuc'e"'t volume class Fig. 9. Percent distribution of nuclear volume classes in the periportal and perivenous zone of the liver acinus of adult male albino rats (type Wistar TNO W70 SPF) fed an altromin R diet (Controlgroup) Alt,om ,n R ..

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