No Survivors (Accident Man Novels) by Tom Cain

By Tom Cain

The coincidence Man returns in a heart-stopping race to avoid a world holy struggle

Tom Cain's The twist of fate Man brought Samuel Carver-a guy employed to make undesirable issues happen-to rave stories from critics and readers alike. Now, Carver is again in a brand new experience that takes him from the warfare rooms of Washington, D.C., and the palaces of the French Riviera to the Arctic peaks of Norway and the war-torn Serbian nation-state.

Carver unearths himself mendacity damaged and broken in a Swiss sanitarium after rescuing his lover, Alix Petrova, from her Russian spymaster. but if Alix's former employers strength her to go away him and seduce an American army reputable, Carver emerges, shockingly and violently, as his former self-just in time to find a Texas billionaire's messianic plot to ruin the area.

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The crew barely felt or heard the explosion over the juddering of air turbulence and roaring of the jets. The first thing the pilot knew for sure was the warning light telling him that fire had taken hold in the rear equipment bay. The second was that there was nothing whatever he could do to put it out. From this point he had a maximum of seven to eight minutes before the flames ate through the control systems for his rudder and elevators. The moment McCabe’s jet left the ground, Carver got into the three-year-old Ford F-250 heavy-duty truck he’d bought for cash two weeks ago in Skagway, Alaska, and headed to the nearest gas station.

I tried to escape from a man, a Russian, like me. ” asked Geisel. Alix ignored the interruption and what it implied. “He sent his men to take me back. Carver . . Samuel found out where I was and came after me, to Gstaad. He hoped to exchange me for . . certain information. The man who had taken me had no intention of making the deal. His men took Samuel and . ” She seemed unwilling or unable to finish the sentence. ” asked Geisel. “Yes. They stripped him, blindfolded him, and put him in handcuffs.

The traffickers in drugs, guns, and people had never paid for their crimes. He could kill a man face-to-face, with a gun, a knife, or his bare hands. But his employers preferred a more subtle, deniable approach. So Samuel Carver provided them with accidents, like the one he’d just prepared for Waylon McCabe. 3 The pilot had shut down the engines to slow the progress of the fire, and the only sound was the eerie rush of the air outside. The flight attendant, perched on her flimsy fold-down seat, was biting her lip and trying desperately to suppress a tidal wave of panic, barely held in check by her training and professional pride.

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