Mining the Earth's Heat: Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy by Donald W. Brown

By Donald W. Brown

Mining the Earth's warmth: sizzling Dry Rock Geothermal power describes the paintings performed by way of the Los Alamos nationwide Laboratory to show an idealistic thought - that of drawing worthwhile quantities of power from the significant underground shop of sizzling rock at on hand depths - right into a functional truth. This e-book offers complete documentation of the over 20 years of experiments conducted on the try website at Fenton Hill, New Mexico, the place the feasibility of gaining access to and extracting this big traditional source was once ultimately tested. It additionally discusses the varied technical, administrative, and monetary hurdles that needed to be triumph over alongside the best way. This e-book will doubtless end up priceless to researchers around the globe as they try to maneuver this now-proven expertise towards advertisement viability. furthermore, it's a invaluable resource of correct details for an individual drawn to the realm power outlook for the twenty first century and beyond.

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This means that except for a small— DQG VORZO\ GHFUHDVLQJ²SUHVVXUHGHSHQGHQW GLIIXVLRQ RI ÀXLG IURP LWV ERXQGDULHVWKHUHVHUYRLURISUHVVXUL]HGÀXLGLVWRWDOO\FRQWDLQHG 2. An HDR geothermal system is fully HQJLQHHUHG By "fully engineered," we mean that every aspect of the system—including the injecWLRQDQGSURGXFWLRQZHOOVWKH+'5UHVHUYRLUDQGWKHSUHVVXUL]HGÀRZ system—is engineered (as opposed to those partially engineered systems that are based on the pressure-stimulation of an existing, but unproductive or only marginally productive hydrothermal region).

HDR HWR 1 km 2 km 3 km Fig. 2-7. The concept of a hot wet rock (HWR) geothermal reservoir. Source: Takahashi and Hashida, 1993 3 so named by the Japanese in the early 1990s. , 2006). , the natural joint/fault permeability has been enhanced by pressure stimulation, and in some cases also through zone isolation using casing strategies and/or downhole pumping of the production well or wells); but because the reservoirs in TXHVWLRQDUHQRWFRQ¿QHGQRQHRIWKHVHV\VWHPVLVIXOO\ engineered. Only an HDR system with a reservoir enclosed and sealed at its boundaries can be fully engineered—that is, all key parameters can be controlled: ‡ Production temperature, by selecting the drilling depth ‡ 6L]HRIWKH+'5UHVHUYRLUE\VSHFLI\LQJWKHDPRXQWRIÀXLGLQMHFWHG ‡ 5HVHUYRLULQMHFWLRQSUHVVXUHDQGÀRZUDWH ‡ Production well backpressure ‡ Placement of production wells for optimum productivity Development of an HDR System The system is developed through a series of distinct operations, as described in the following subsections.

0LORUD DQG 7HVWHU   FRQVLGHUHG VHYHQ SRVVLEOH ZRUNLQJ ÀXLGV for a binary-cycle system. The variation in thermodynamic availability of each of these as a function of temperature, over the range of probable JHRÀXLGSURGXFWLRQWHPSHUDWXUHVIURPƒ&WRƒ&LVVKRZQLQWKHLU Figure 3-3. A commercial HDR development at typical production temperatures would be on the high side of this range; therefore, according to this DQDO\VLVDPPRQLDDSSHDUVWREHWKHEHVWZRUNLQJÀXLG The true picture of the economics of HDR power generation must await commissioning and then operation of a prototype power plant—not yet even in the planning stage.

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