Mineral Exploration. Principles and Applications by S. K. Haldar (Auth.)

By S. K. Haldar (Auth.)

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Deposits can be faulted with displacement from millimeters to kilometers thus creating challenges for exploration. Fault zones are favorable avenue and localization of mineralized solution for movement and concentration. Manto Verde Cu in Chile and many of the coal deposits are faulted. 4 Massive chromite lode depicting sharp faulted contact with barren ultramafic rock, Kathpal underground mine, Sukinda belt, India. 6. Breccia “Breccia” is commonly used for clastic sedimentary rocks composed of large sharp-angled fragments embedded in fine-grained matrix of smaller particles or mineral cement.

1). 2. 2. 1. Province “Province” or “Metallogenic Province” is a large specific area having essentially notable concentration of certain characteristic metal or several metal assemblages or a distinctive style of mineralization to be delineated and developed as economic deposits. The metallogenic province can be formed on various processes such as plate tectonic activity, subduction, igneous intrusive, metal-rich epigenetic hydrothermal solution and expulsion of pore water enriched in metals from sedimentary basin.

10 Quartz-filled ladder vein structure in compact dolomite mass at the footwall of main lodes within graywacke rocks, Zawar group of mines, India. New South Wales, Australia, and copper ladder veins in Norway. 5. Stock Work The “stock work” styles of metalliferous deposits are characterized by a large mass of rock impregnated by dense interlacing network of variously oriented irregular orebearing veins and grouped vein-lets. Stock works are formed by group of hydrothermal systems of metal-bearing substance from hot mineralized solutions circulating through the fissured rock or deposited in the basin.

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