Microcomputer Busses by R. M. Cram

By R. M. Cram

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The major subgroups of busses are 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 2 M U L T I B U S II Mechanical Specifications MULTIBUS II is designed to be mechanically consistent with the requirements of ANSI/IEEE Std 1101-1987. The complete specification details the requirements for card cages, backplanes, boards, and front panels. MULTIBUS II permits two common sizes of boards. The double-height board basic dimensions are shown in Figure 5-1. It uses two 96-pin connectors. Note that all of the MULTIBUS II parallel system bus (PSB) is implemented on Pi.

The parameters returned by GetDate and GetTime are formatted and printed out in a usable format after checking for an error in getting the data. " That address was passed to the GetTime procedure by the Pascal calling procedure and was placed on the stack. " DX is a 16-bit register internal to the microprocessor. This instruction requires two bus operations. 2 Bus Interaction 33 <* ««««·«««**««*««*««***«««*«««*«««**««***««**««*«««**«**«« Procedure DisoTimeDate; #> (* Gets the time and date from the RTC and disolays «) Var Seconds ι SecRange; : MinRanee; Minutes : HrRange; Hours : WkDayRange; WkDay : MoDayRange; MoDay : MoRange; Month : YrRange; Year Begin Writeln; Writeln; If GetDate (Year, Month, WkDay, MoDay) then Beg in Writeln ('No error detected during date r e a d .

Transfer rates up to 10 Mbytes/s 4. Twenty address lines (1 Mbyte address space) 5. Sixteen bidirectional data lines 6. Eight multilevel interrupt lines After the bus had been on the market for several years, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) adopted the original Intel MULTIBUS specification with minor modifications as an IEEE specification called IEEE-STD 796. 1 i S B X Bus The iSBX bus provides for on-board expansion of resources. The function of the iSBX bus is to provide a designer with the ability to tailor required functions and system performance with relatively low-cost module boards that can be plugged into single-board computers (SBCs) or expansion boards.

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