Life in Neolithic Farming Communities - Social Organization, by Ian Kuijt

By Ian Kuijt

Drawing on either the result of fresh archaeological examine and anthropological conception, top specialists synthesize present pondering at the nature of and version inside Neolithic social preparations. The authors examine archaeological info inside of various methodological and theoretical views to reconstruct key features of formality practices, exertions association, and collective social identification on the scale of the loved ones, group, and zone.

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The stippled area marks the Levantine Corridor. 30 ANNA BELFER-COHEN A N D OFER BAR-YOSEF former seems to have been a transitional short-term stage between the Natufian communities and the fully farming Sultanian ones. Most of the PPNA sites known are located in the Jordan Valley, and none are known in the Negev (Fig. 3). Regardless of possible sampling problems, it is important to note the change in settlement pattern from the Late Natufian to the PPNA. Whereas the larger Natufian sites were all located along the western ecotones, the larger PPNA sites were situated in the Jordan Valley and the smaller ones (such as Nahal Oren) on its western flanks (Bar-Yosef 1991; Kuijt 1995; Chapter 9, this volume).

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