Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Global Jihad: A New Conflict by Dr. Dore Gold, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Moshe Yaalon, Brig. Gen.

By Dr. Dore Gold, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Moshe Yaalon, Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira, Daniel Diker, Uzi Rubin, Dr. Martin Kramer, Lt. Col. (Res.) Jonathan D. Halevi

The center East has gone through innovative alterations within the previous few years. for many of the Nineties it used to be the normal knowledge that the foremost to local balance used to be to be present in the answer of the Arab-Israeli clash and, for that reason, Western diplomatic energies have been basically inquisitive about that quarter. Now radical Islam is gaining power one of the Palestinians with the victory of Hamas within the 2006 parliamentary elections of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas and its allies thoroughly reject a negotiated way to the Arab-Israeli clash and align themselves with jihadi agencies around the quarter. consequently, the Arab-Israeli clash has turn into more and more part of the a lot better fight among radical Islam and the West. while, Iran is extra decided than ever to accomplish neighborhood hegemony. certainly, the Sunni-Shiite contention is probably going to end up the relevant axis of clash within the heart East within the years yet to come. Given this new strategic context, the U.S. and its Western allies have huge, immense leverage with the threatened Sunni Arab states. subsequently, the West doesn't need to pay for his or her cooperation in Israeli coin. The publication contains first class photographs and maps

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Hegemonic control of the Islamic and Arab world, particularly in the oil-rich Persian Gulf. 3. ” Of greater concern, perhaps, Ahmadinejad’s embrace of Shiite messianic tradition has radicalized the current regime even beyond its return to elements of Khomeini’s Islamic revolution. 10 The danger of Iran’s second Islamic revolution is compounded by the advanced stage of its nuclear program, as well as its conventional missile capacity that not only places Israel and the Persian Gulf states within target range, but threatens Russia and parts of Europe as well.

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