Insights from Comparative Hearing Research by Christine Köppl, Geoffrey A. Manley, Arthur N. Popper,

By Christine Köppl, Geoffrey A. Manley, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay

The listening to organs of non-mammals, which convey rather huge and systematic adjustments to one another and to these of mammals, offer a useful foundation for comparisons of constitution and serve as. via benefiting from the great range of attainable examine organisms supplied through the "library" that's organic range, it truly is attainable to profit how advanced services are discovered within the internal ear in the course of the evolution of particular structural, mobile and molecular configurations. Insights from Comparative listening to examine brings jointly essentially the most intriguing comparative examine on listening to and indicates how this paintings has profoundly impacted our figuring out of listening to in all vertebrates.

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Although NompC could be localized to the putative site of mechanotransduction (see Fig. , 2011), the persistence of robust sound-evoked CAP responses seemed to rule it out as a potential auditory transduction channel. , 2009). The currently available data on mechanotransducers in JO thus suggest the existence of a NompC-dependent, sound sensitive population and a non–NompCdependent, wind/gravity sensitive population, with the two subpopulations being both cellularly and molecularly distinct and NompC being a crucial component of the auditory transducer complex.

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