Information Structure in Indigenous Languages of the by José Camacho, Josa(c) Camacho, Rodrigo Gutia(c)Rrez-Bravo,

By José Camacho, Josa(c) Camacho, Rodrigo Gutia(c)Rrez-Bravo, Liliana Sanchez

This selection of articles explores how the grammar of numerous local languages of The Americas provides new and outdated info, question-formation and different capabilities relating to the wider discourse. The strategies addressed within the assortment are defined in an advent to the amount. incorporated languages are Karaja, Kuikuro, Lushootseed, Southern Quechua, Shipbo, Tariana, Yaqui and Yucatec Maya.

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6. Here are throughout this paper, the formative -ha is not provided with a gloss, since forms like diha ‘he’, nuha ‘I’ etc can be considered fossilized. 7. Despite a formal similarity between -na ‘object marker on pronouns’ and -naku ‘topical non-subject’, there is no evidence for any historical link between these (see Aikhenvald 2006). 8. Alternatively, Tariana can be considered ‘discourse-configurational’ (cf. Kiss 1995). Note that I refrain from using the term ‘word order’ since it does not allow us to distinguish between order of individual words within a phrase (or phrasal constituent order) and order of clausal constituents.

It should also be pointed out that in Lushootseed there is no equivalent of BE and, hence, no lexical element to appear in the DSyntS. Instead, SemA 2 of ‘be’, ‘salmon’, becomes the DSynt predicate and takes SemA 1 as its first Deep-Syntactic actant (DSyntA I), the seman- 50 David Beck teme ‘be’ finding its expression in the construction NPRED → N rather than in a lexical item, as it does in most languages. Table 3. Lushootseed constraint rankings for Figure 4 Candidate Node ) ‘salmon’ ‘be’ ‘thing’ ‘dist’ REN CDEN SPEN * *!

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