Historical Dictionary of the Discovery and Exploration of by Alan Day

By Alan Day

This enticing Dictionary examines the heritage of, the hunt for, and the invention of Australia, taking complete account of the proof for and the theory surrounding attainable prior contacts through the traditional Egyptians, Arabs, and chinese language seamen. Day brings the expeditions to existence, expressing the needs that drove nice sea captains deeper into turbulent waters trying to find caches of spice, silks, and priceless metals.Covers a wide selection of themes including:o Seamen from 8 nationso The restoration of hurricane wrecked shipso Diplomatic treatieso precedence of discovery disputeso army and civil explorers and surveyorso Topographical featureso Geographical phrases and placeso Rivers and river method

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ABORIGINES. Because the original inhabitants of Australia arrived and settled in prehistoric times, probably 40,000–50,000 years ago, their status as the first explorers of the continent has largely been overlooked, although in recent years, their priority has been acknowledged. In general their contribution to the European exploration of Australia is poorly documented. Enough is on record, however , to indicate that without the Aborigines’ desert survival skills, their expertise in following animal tracks and locating sources of water, many expeditions would have fared very badly .

Maurice and W. R. Murray complete a seven-month transcontinental journey from Fowler ’s Bay, an inlet of the Great Australian Bight, to Wyndham, on the Cambridge Gulf. 1904 Henry Vere Barclay and Ronald McPherson explore a vast region to the east of Alice Springs. 1906 Alfred Canning surveys a practicable stock route from the Kimberley Ranges to Hall’s Creek. 1908–1910 Alfred Canning blazes the Canning Stock Route across Little Sandy, Great Sandy, and Tanami Deserts. 1910 Stuart Love leads an expedition into eastern and northeasternArnhem Land.

Par Jean Fonteneau dit Alfonse de Saintong e (Paris, 1904), describes Java-la-Grande as “a land which extends to beneath the Antarctic pole; in the west it is close to the Southern Land and in the east to the island of Magellan’ s Strait. Some say 03-077 A-Hann 4 • 5/2/03 7:57 AM Page 4 ANGLICANIA that they are islands. ” If this were reliable, it would seem to imply that at one point, probably between 1518 and 1528, Alphonse visited Australia’s west coast. ANGLICANIA. See FRIEND OF AUSTRALIA. ANGLO-AUSTRALIAN & CHINA TELEGRAPH COMP ANY.

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