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Каталог сборных моделей французской фирмы Heller

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The Mercenaries

Westlake's different crime novels contain The Hunter, The 7th and Busy physique, all of that have been made into significant movies. The Mercenaries, Westlake's fist novel, is a riveting ny gangster mystery with a narcotic twist. this hard secret may be put alongisde the simplest of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

Dance Hall of the Dead (Crime Masterworks)

Whilst younger boys disappear, one in every of them leaving a pool of blood at the back of, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police unearths himself not just monitoring a ruthless and brutal killer yet stuck up within the tricky mysteries of the Zuni faith to boot. For the lifeless boy was once to have performed a key function in a tremendous ritual of the Zuni humans.

Drown Them in the Sea

Winner of the Australian/Vogel's Literary Award 2003. With desires of relocating to a home via the ocean haunting their each day, Millvan and his spouse, Michelle, proprietors of a riverside estate in a small outback farming neighborhood, fight with drought, pals, adversaries and the wrenchingly standard rural cycle of wish and depression.

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The dog's claws hooked in his shirt and the tops of his jeans, and it came around for an-other nip. He avoided the vicious bite with no room to spare, saw another one coming. He grabbed the animal's front paws and pried them off, threw it, kicking, into the hedges. The dog lay for a moment, as if groggy, then bounded to his feet and came between Salsbury and the porch door—the only escape route. ” he shouted again, trying to make the ca-nine come to its senses. Then he saw its eyes. They were flat and blue.

Linda was positioned beside him, shielded by a couch. He was at the end of the same piece of furniture, looking through a crack between the sofa and the easy chair they had pulled next to it. She had her head above the back of the sofa, watching the door. He put a hand on her skull and pushed her down out of sight. She started to protest, then remembered the need for silence. Or perhaps she re-membered what the vibrabeam had done to his bathroom door and suddenly had begun to extrapolate on what it might do to flesh.

Soft Victor was the simple, sincere man she sought Suddenly he felt like an ogre worse than any Henry March, for he was concealing so much from her when she had leveled so totally with him. “Come on,” he said, getting out of bed and slipping into a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, loafers without benefit of socks. ” She slipped into his robe, which was enormous for her, followed him into the hall, past Intrepid who had been lying watching them. He remembered Intrepid had not been fed and watered, but found she had taken care of that after all.

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