Fundamentals of Pathology by Husain A. Sattar

By Husain A. Sattar

USMLE STEP 1 AND scientific direction REVIEW

*218-page full-color Pathoma™ text.
*Integration of key techniques from linked disciplines.
*Over three hundred often-tested, full-color images.

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Benign tumors tend to be slow growing, well circumscribed, distinct, and mobile. B. Malignant tumors are usually rapid growing, poorly circumscribed, infiltrative, and fixed to surrounding tissues and local structures. C. Biopsy or excision is generally required before a tumor can be classified as benign or malignant with certainty. 1 . Some benign tumors can grow i n a malignant-like fashion, and some malignant tumors can grow in a benign-like fashion. II. HISTOLOGIC FEATURES A. Benign tumors are usually well differentiated (Fig.

3. A low or high WBC count is usually due to a decrease or increase in one particular cell lineage. II. LEUKOPENIA A. Neutropenia refers to a decreased number of circulating neutrophils. Causes include 1 . , chemotherapy with alkylating agents)-Damage t o stem cells results in decreased production of WBCs, especially neutrophils. 2 . , gram-negative sepsis)-Increased movement of neutrophils into tissues results in decreased circulating neutrophils. 3. GM-CSF or G - CSF may be used pharmacologically to boost granulocyte production, thereby decreasing risk of infection.

4B). Characteristics include 1 . Disorganized growth (loss o f polarity) 2. Nuclear pleomorphism and hyperchromasia 3. High nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio 4. High mitotic activity with atypical mitosis 5. Invasion (through basement membrane or into local tissue) C. Metastatic potential is the hallmark of malignancy-benign tumors never metastasize. , small cell carcinoma of lung and carci noid tumors) S-100 Melanoma 4 29 30 F U N DA M E NTA L S O F PAT H O LO G Y D. Immunohistochemistry is used to characterize tumors that are difficult to classify on histology (Fig.

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