Evaporites, Petroleum and Mineral Resources by Judith L. Melvin

By Judith L. Melvin

This quantity illustrates the increasing wisdom of evaporites as very important reservoir seals, fluid aquitards, ore-hosting sediments, and economically workable sediments of their personal correct. Researchers, oil and fuel execs, minerals source execs, environmental experts and others inside of geology and the opposite earth sciences shall make the most of the knowledge inside this booklet of their realizing of the numerous fresh discoveries and ideas occupied with the sphere of evaporite sedimentology.

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Extremely dendritic or excrescent crystals, for example, precipitate in either case. Supersaturated layers form at the brine/air interface, but they are extremely thin and difficult to maintain because of excessive halite nucleation at the brine/air interface in the form of halite rafts. In order for dendritic crystals to form on the bottom of a pool, the supersaturated layer must come in contact with the bottom. This can occur when (1) the supersaturated layer sinks to the bottom during overturn of a density stratified body of water, or (2) if evaporation has shallowed the parent brine so much that only a thin brine sheet remains and it is equal to the thickness of the supersaturated layer (Southgate, 1982).

Hovorka. 22 MARGINAL MARINE HALITE jected to multiple cycles of flooding, evaporative concentration, and desiccation. Displacive and incorporative halitecrystal growth is dependent upon diffusion. However, does intrasediment precipitation prefer to take place in sediments that are subaerially exposed or in those that are covered by brine? It may be possible for intrasediment precipitation to occur in both situations, but the direction of brine diffusion may differ in each of those two possible scenarios (Gornitz and Schreiber, 1981).

The authors suggest that a drop in brine temperature from 70°C to 20°C in the system NaCI-H,O could, when repeated daily or seasonally, lead to the precipitation of large volumes of diagenetic halite in the shallow subsurface. MARGINAL-MARINE HALTTE DEPOSITIONAL SETTINGS - SALINAS: MODERN AND ANCIENT Marginal marine halite is deposited in subaerial and subaqueous hypersaline environments that lie in (1) peritidal settings or in (2) settings never affected by the tides or storm-washovers but nonetheless flooded by marine waters that are periodically or continuously seeping through a physical barrier separating the evaporite basin from the SALINAS: MODERN AND ANCIENT 35 sea (Fig.

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