Ecological Continuum from the Changjiang (Yangtze River) by Jing Zhang

By Jing Zhang

The publication presents a cross-disciplinary and multi-scale evaluate of a global most sensible river, the Changjiang (Yangtze River) and its adjoining marginal atmosphere, the East China Sea. The experiences during this quantity bridges the watersheds of the river and the marginal sea via a mixed process of hydro-dynamics, geochemistry, sedimentary techniques, ecology and fishery. The reaction of atmosphere to the exterior riding forces is tested through process-oriented observations, mesocosm experiments and numerical simulations together. the teachings learnt from the case reviews of Changjiang and East China Sea should be necessary to people who are doing inter-disciplinary researches within the continuum from watersheds to continental margins.

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This decrease is primarily attributable to the sharp reduction between August and November when the reservoirs primarily store water. In contrast, the water discharge in the dry season (January and February) has been increasing significantly due to water release from reservoirs (Qiu and Zhu 2013), and the decrease in river discharge in these months intensifies saltwater intrusion into the estuary. The tide also controls saltwater intrusion into the estuary. On intertidal timescales, the semidiurnal tide drives saltwater into the estuary during flood tides and out of the estuary during ebb tides.

11 Wind data, and simulated and measured surface salinity for February 5–19, 2010: a1 measured wind speeds; b1 wind vectors from the weather station in the eastern Chongming tidal flat; c1 simulated tidal elevations; d1 comparison of simulated surface salinity (black solid line) and measured data (red dots) at Chongxi station; a2 half of the measured wind speeds; b2 half of the measured wind vectors; c2 simulated tidal elevations using half the measured wind speeds and vectors; and d2 a comparison of simulated surface salinity (black solid line) and measured data (red dots) at Chongxi station using half the measured wind speeds and vectors Mao et al.

The resulting salinity was correspondingly lower than for the measured data during the spring and neap tides (Fig. 10d2). 5 and 3, respectively. The model also reproduced the salinity variation at Chongxi station on February 11–12, 2010, during a moderate tide, and February 15–18, 2010, during a spring tide (Fig. 11d1). Simulated salinity that was generated by half the measured wind speed was lower than for in situ station data (Fig. 11d2). 5, respectively. These results demonstrate that strong northerly winds have a pronounced effect on enhancing the SSO.

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