Continental Tectonics and Mountain Building: The Legacy of by R. D. Law, R. W. H. Butler, R. E. Holdsworth, M. Krabbendam,

By R. D. Law, R. W. H. Butler, R. E. Holdsworth, M. Krabbendam, R. A. Strachan

The worlds mountain levels are the clearest manifestations of long term deformation of the continental crust. As such they've got attracted geological investigations for hundreds of years. all through this lengthy heritage of study a couple of keynote guides stand out. probably the most vital is the Geological Surveys 1907 Memoir at the Geological constitution of the North-West Highlands of Scotland. The Memoir summarized the various Geological Survey's best paintings, and defined some of the rules of field-based structural and tectonic research that experience to that end guided generations of geologists operating in different mountain belts, either historical and sleek. The thematic set of 32 papers during this exact book have fun the a centesimal anniversary of the 1907 Memoir via putting the unique findings in either ancient and sleek contexts, and juxtaposing them opposed to present-day experiences of deformation procedures working not just within the NW Highlands, but additionally in different mountain belts.

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S. in 1892, received medals and prizes from the Geological Society, and was awarded an honorary Doctorate by the University of Edinburgh. By the time he retired in 1905 Peach had reached a dominating position in Scottish geological thought. John Horne (1848– 1928) John Horne attended the University of Glasgow, but as was common at the time never graduated. In 1867, at the age of 19 he joined the Scottish Geological Survey where he was attached as a trainee to Ben Peach. Thus began ‘the most beautiful and fruitful collaboration recorded in British Geology’ (Gregory 1929).

Science, 185, 1124–1131. , A FTALION , M. & J OHNSON , M. R. W. 1979. Age of the Loch Borrolan complex, 27 Assynt, and late movements along the Moine Thrust Zone. Journal of the Geological Society, London, 136, 489–496. W HITE , S. H. 2010. Mylonites: Lessons from Eriboll. In: L AW , R. , B UTLER , R. W. , K RABBENDAM , M. & S TRACHAN , R. (eds) Continental Tectonics and Mountain Building: The Legacy of Peach and Horne. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 335, 505– 542. Peach and Horne: the British Association excursion to Assynt September 1912 A.

From a sheet mounted on the flyleaf of A. W. R. Don’s copy of the 1907 NW Highlands memoir. established in their careers as Professors (6) or Directors of museums (2), others were junior academics, who subsequently became professors (5), or officers of the Geological Survey, who later became Directors of the Survey (4). Four were elected Fellows of the Royal Society of London and seven were elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 34 A. J. BARBER Al ps Jungfra u A S-E ar m v ts ur si M as ch ens to c k Santis Assynt N-W Minch Glencoul N.

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