Complex Predicates in Oceanic Languages: Studies in the by Isabelle Bril, Françoise Ozanne-Rivierre (eds.)

By Isabelle Bril, Françoise Ozanne-Rivierre (eds.)

This quantity offers new facts for typological reviews and contributes an in depth research of the "nuclear" kind of complicated predicates in Oceanic languages. This VV development might correspond to 2 assorted syntactic constructions, both co-ranking or hierarchized (head-modifier). it sounds as if to be appropriate with every kind of uncomplicated note orders, therefore contradicting the generalizations which correlate "nuclear" serialization with verb-final order. half 1 comprises artificial articles at the examine of serial verbs in Austronesian languages, in addition to targeted case reports of advanced predicates in numerous Oceanic languages. half 2 concentrates on a few procedures resulting in the grammaticalization of serialized verbs into clitics or adpositions.

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Analyses the various types of grammaticalization and morphologization of 'take' in several northern New Caledonian languages, either (i) as a compound, with a strong tendency to fusion into one single transitive verb (as in Nemi tuut fe 'stand take') > tüe 'adopt (a child)', (ii) as an enclitic transitivizer in causative constructions (Nyeläyu pha 'take' > -va: pa-wec-va (CAUS-be born-TRANS) 'bring into the world') or (iii) as an enclitic associative case-marker28 (Nelemwa ftie 'take' > -ve (+inanimate), -vi (+animate): mu-ve 'stay with').

Durie 1997: 345). 2. g. grab14 or (ii) by co-lexicalized formulas 15 such as 'hand raise go touch hold' (Foley 1986) or (iii) by several clauses. ). Besides, "the productivity of verb serialization is constrained in such a way that a large variety of syntactically well-formed verb combinations will be rejected by native speakers as unacceptable or ungrammatical, because they do not correspond to a recognizable event-lype, either within the actual experience of speakers, or alternatively within the permitted patterns of veib serialization within a language".

In spite of the lack of finite vs nonfinite morphology, there are a number of language-specific tests that help clarify their status. Comparison with syndetic constructions with similar functions and meanings is a good test to assess the basic differences between serial verbs and asyndetic dependent clauses. 11) which are structurally ambiguous. As far as 30 Isabelle Bril Aktionsart verbs are concerned, the iconic position of 'start' in Vi and 'finish' in V 2 position is an argument in favour of their analysis as coranking or cosubordinate constructions, in contrast with the non-iconic position of similar verbs in other languages such as English he stops doing it (not to mention the nonfinite V 2 ), which indicate complementation.

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