Ciba Foundation Symposium 25 - Parasites in the Immunized by Ciba Foundation;

By Ciba Foundation;

Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–2): R. R. A. Coombs
Chapter 2 The Immune reaction to Parasites (pages 4–19): Sydney Cohen
Chapter three Genetics of Antigenic version in Paramecium: A version procedure (pages 21–33): G. H. Beale
Chapter four Antigenic version and Immunity to Malaria (pages 35–51): ok. N. Brown
Chapter five Antigenic edition in African Trypanosomes (pages 53–80): Keith Vickerman
Chapter 6 Antigenic edition within the Nematode Nippostrongylus brasiliensis (pages 81–100): Bridget M. Ogilvie
Chapter 7 Immunological Spectra in Infectious illnesses (pages 101–122): J. L. Turk and A. Belehu
Chapter eight Immunodepression Produced by means of Malarial an infection in Mice (pages 123–135): Nina Wedderburn
Chapter nine Immunosuppression in Malaria and Trypanosomiasis (pages 137–159): B. M. Greenwood
Chapter 10 Host Antigens and the Immune reaction in Schistosomiasis (pages 161–183): J. A. Clegg
Chapter eleven Soluble Antigens as blocking off Antigens (pages 185–203): R. J. M. Wilson
Chapter 12 Interactions in vitro among Toxoplasma gondii and Mouse Cells (pages 205–223): James G. Hirsch, Thomas C. Jones and Lucille Len
Chapter thirteen Survival and loss of life of Leishmania in Macrophages (pages 225–241): J. Mauel, R. Behin, Biroum Noerjasin and J. J. Doyle
Chapter 14 Modulation of Immunopathology in Schistosomiasis (pages 243–261): Kenneth S. Warren
Chapter 15 Conclusions (pages 263–272):

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For example, does actinomycin D prevent the antigenic change? Beale: The effects of actinomycin D (as well as of puromycin and chloramphenicol) on antigenic transformation have been studied by Austin et al. (1967) and by Sommerville (1970). The results were not very clear. Austin found that in some cases antigen transformation was stimulated, in others inhibited, by actinomycin D. Sommerville found that actinomycin D did not specifically affect antigen transformation, but had a general detrimental effect on the cells.

The monkeys were then challenged with very small numbers of parasites, as were normal controls. Fig. 1 illustrates the result of a typical experiment and Table 1 gives the SICA response of the parasites used to immunize and challenge the monkeys, and the ‘breakthrough’ parasites developing in sensitized animals. Quite clearly the parasite serotype changed in the sensitized monkeys but not in the controls, although the parasitaemia developed at essentially the same rate ; calculations showed that over 50% of the parasites in the sensitized animals apparently survived.

1965) Antigenic variation in herpes simplex virus isolants from successive recurrences of herpes labialis. J. Immunol. 94, 385-394 BEALE,G. H. (1964) The Genetics of Paramecium aurelia, Cambridge University Press, London N. T. & WELLYE, B. T. (1969) Some characteristics of Plasniodium berghei ‘relapsing’ BRIGGS, in immunized mice. Milit. Med. 134, 1243-1248 BROWN,I. N. (1969) Immunological aspects of malaria infection. Adv. Immunol. 11, 267-349 BROWN,I. , ALLISON,A. C. & TAYLOR, R. B. (1968~)Plasmodium berghei infection in thymectomized rats.

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