Black Holes, Cosmology and Extra Dimensions by Kirill A Bronnikov

By Kirill A Bronnikov

Assuming foundational wisdom of particular and common relativity, this ebook courses the reader on matters surrounding black holes, wormholes, cosmology, and additional dimensions. Its first half is dedicated to neighborhood powerful box configurations (black holes and wormholes) regularly relativity and the main suitable of other theories: scalar-tensor, f(R) and multidimensional theories. the second one half is on cosmology, together with inflation and a unified description of the entire evolution of the universe. The 3rd half matters multidimensional theories of gravity and encompasses a variety of unique effects received via the authors. Expository paintings is performed for a mechanism of symmetries and primary constants formation, whereas the unique method of nonlinear multidimensional gravity that's capable of build a distinct point of view describing various phenomena is highlighted.

a lot of the content material is new in publication courses, since it used to be formerly came upon purely in magazine guides, e.g. relating to normal black holes, a number of scalar box ideas, wormholes and their balance, and multidimensional gravity.

Readership: scholars and execs in astrophysics/cosmology.

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8) forming the four-parameter group of translations. Thus the complete group of isometries (coordinate transformations leaving invariant the metric tensor) contains ten parameters. It is called the Poincar´e group. The matrix of an arbitrary Lorentz transformation A = (Aνµ ) has the definitive property of pseudo-orthogonality. It is this property that expresses the invariance of the Minkowski metric under such transformations. Namely, let the coordinates xµ of the system S and the coordinates y µ of the system S ′ be connected by the linear transformation xµ = Aµα y α + aµ , Aµα , aµ = const.

A detailed analysis has shown that only baryonic fluctuations are insufficient for modern structure formation. There should be some “invisible” component of energy density (“dark matter”) in order that the gravitational forces be able to compress the domains of enhanced energy density and to launch stellar formation. The existence of dark matter has been by now practically proven, but its precise nature and its composition are still unclear. It is only clear that its total mass is larger than that of baryons, the particles that form stars, by approximately a factor of five.

52), is often called conservative. Fundamentals of general relativity 45 Here s is the interval which coincides with the proper time of an observer moving along the geodesic if it is timelike and the proper length along the geodesic if it is spacelike. 5 Let us derive Eq. 52). It will illustrate the possibility of deriving the equations of motion for matter from the Einstein equations. 54) where uµ is the 4-velocity of particles of the fluid, ε = ρc2 is its energy density, and p its pressure. In particular, for dustlike matter consisting of noninteracting particles, p = 0, Tµν = εuµ uν .

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