Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy by Iain Hennessey, Alan Japp

By Iain Hennessey, Alan Japp

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Tration of free hydfoR,en ions (H') in II solution. J wro:l1y in nanomoles per litre (nmol/L) or as pi I (sover).. igh pH) are alkalinf'. The POint ilt which a substance changes from alkah to acid is lhc neutral point (pH :z 7, H' s 100 nnwl/ L). S H' when It l~ dissolved in ~lution Acids ttwrefotf" increase ~ H' concentration of the solutiun (lower the pH). c;olved III solution. R"lSeS therefore lower the H' concentration of a solution (raUlt! the pH). ; on the surrounding H' concentration. Buffers lhcrdon> rl'Sist big changt:lll in H' concentration.

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