Anglo-Saxon Magic by Dr. G. Storms (auth.)

By Dr. G. Storms (auth.)

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Leechbook I, XXVIII mentions one wound-salve 'if a man is wounded with iron', and another 'if a man is hit with a tree or with a stone'. At the same time the present salve is efficient against headaehe and against weakness of any limbs. E. Ud and Um both mean 'lirnb', so it is a matter of sympathetie magie. Radish, beetroot and a root of Maeedonian parsley may have the antipathetic function of drawing the pain out of the head, j ust as they draw the main strength of the plants into the roots. Springwyrt, 'wild eaper', and cwice, 'quiteh', will be instrumental in reviving, quickening, the patient's eheerfulness.

In the south of France, in Switzerland and Spain, and in several other countries, caves have been discovered the walls of which were painted on by people living in the Stone Age. Most of the pictures represent animals and scenes of hunting. Some of the animals appear to be wounded by spears and arrows in their sides. Although there is a possibility that they are merely drawn for the sake of drawing or as objective illustrations of hunting and hunted animals, there is every likelihood that they served a magical purpose.

F3 0 UT U po v, which in turn may be derived from a Scythian form 17). The original term is preserved in Old High German ancho and chuo-smero. E. smeru always me ans fat, but originally there was a elose assoeiation between smeru, butere and sealf. They are in fact synonymous. Consequently the lines 'then scrape all the fat into a pan, as much as the quantity of salve you wish to have' are very old and explain themselves. A salve must not dry too quickly, therefore butter and fat are employed and it must be spread on thickly: 'and reduce to a tarry substance'.

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