An Invitation to Social Research: How It's Done by Emily Stier Adler, Roger Clark

By Emily Stier Adler, Roger Clark

This ebook offers balanced assurance of quantitative and qualitative tools of social examine with a distinct "behind the scenes" technique: Chapters are outfitted on focal learn items and excerpts from genuine learn tasks, they usually current the insights and views of staff engaging in real-world learn. The booklet courses readers throughout the many levels of social research--from deciding upon a researchable query and designing a research to choosing the proper approach to information research for a specific study--and prepares them for the moral matters and difficulties that they could face alongside the way in which.

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Explanatory Research explanatory research, research designed to explain why subjects vary in one way or another. Unlike descriptive research, which tends to focus on how things are, the goal of explanatory research is to explain why things are the way they are. Explanatory research looks for causes and reasons. Unlike exploratory research, which tends to be inductive, building theoretical perspectives from data, explanatory research tends to be deductive, moving from more general to less general statements.

STOP & THINK Can you draw a diagram of Donohue and Levitt’s hypothesis linking the legalization of abortion to declines in criminal activity? (Hint: It might be easiest to think in terms of individuals, not cohorts or countries. ) STOP & THINK See if you can identify the independent and dependent variable of hypotheses that guided some other recent research: (1) Kravdal and Rindfuss’s (2008) reexamination of the hypothesis that countries with higher average levels of education will have lower fertility (birth) rates than countries with lower average levels of education, (2) Lu and Treiman’s (2008) reinvestigation, AGAIN Copyright 2011 Cengage Learning.

Individuals survive in society to the extent that they can say plausible and coherent things about that society. Useful social theory, in our view, concerns itself with those things in our everyday lives that can and do affect us profoundly, even if we are not aware of them. We believe that once we can name and create explanations (or create theories) about these things, we have that much more control over them. At the very least, the inability to name and create such explanations leaves us Copyright 2011 Cengage Learning.

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