An Introduction to the Design and Behavior of Bolted Joints by John Bickford

By John Bickford

Supplying a broad-based evaluation of the standards affecting the layout, meeting and behavior of bolted joints and their parts in all industries, this paintings information numerous meeting concepts in addition to particular failure modes and techniques for his or her avoidance. This version positive aspects fabric on: the touch stresses among bolt head or nut face and the joint; thread varieties, sequence and sessions; the stiffness of raised face flange joints; and extra.

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1, are assumed to be rotating on perfectly parallel shafts, and to have exactly equispaced rigid perfect involute working-surfaces. The rotational positions of these perfect involute gears are θ (1) and θ (2) as illustrated in the figure. A single variable is required to designate the rotational positions of the two gears. 1) x Rb θ (1) = Rb θ (2) , where θ (1) and θ (2) are ‘‘measured’’ in radians. 6. Further suppose that the shaft locations of the two gears remain unchanged. Let δθ (1) and δθ (2) denote the instantaneous rotational-position deviations of gears (1) and (2), respectively, from the positions θ (1) and θ (2) of their rigid perfect involute counterparts.

1987) The Geometry of Involute Gears, Springer-Verlag, New York. J. (1988) Fundamentals of Gear Design, Butterworths, Boston, MA. D. (1978) Analysis of the vibratory excitation of gear systems: basic theory. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 63, 1409–1430. Sloane, A. (1941) Engineering Kinematics, Macmillan, New York. Republished by Dover, New York. 6, as the lines of contact pass through the zone of contact. However, the tooth-workingsurfaces of real gears have manufacturing errors and intentional modifications from involute surfaces, and they and the gear bodies elastically deform under loading.

49; Colbourne, 1987, p. 22). Except in a few specialized applications, virtually all present-day parallel-axis power-transmission gear-tooth forms are based on the involute tooth profile, which satisfies the law of gearing. The transverse plane is the plane perpendicular to the axes of parallel-axis gears. An involute tooth profile describes the shape of the working-surface of a tooth in the transverse plane. 3a). The cylinder from which the cord is unwound is called the base cylinder. Performance-Based Gear Metrology: Kinematic-Transmission-Error Computation and Diagnosis, First Edition.

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