Storia Verità sheds its skin, but not its spirit and purpose. With this first issue of the new series, published by Nuova Aurora (Firenze), the baton changes hands from the old, glorious and ever-active “Europa Libreria Editrice” (the Roman publishing house that many years ago had the merit to create this magazine) to a new publishing entity that seeks to perpetuate its success through a more thorough search of contents and proposals as well as a new graphic of the magazine without fail in what has always been the previous coherent editorial line. The magazine starts a new life with this issue but it does not forsake its Tradition, the one that has allowed this magazine – that I have the honor of leading as a Managing Director – to establish itself and to qualify as an honest and safe reference point for anyone who loves History and especially the “historical” Truth. Having said that, contrary to current practice, today (a very special day) we do not give the usual outline of the contents of this issue, because we consider more appropriate, in the light of the momentous challenges that lie ahead, to dwell on the significance and cultural objectives that our magazine has and pursues. STORIA E VERITA’ was born to fill a void and to combat, with the tools of intellect and in virtue of love for freedom of expression, the supposed (we say “supposed” because no real indeed) “cultural hegemony” of the Left Wing in the field of historiography, especially in that part concerning the age of the great ideologies of the Twentieth Century. This “supposed hegemony” (we repeat it) was imposed on the Italian people’s collective consciousness due to the systematic support of extremely powerful political and financial actors deeply rooted in the centres of our Country’s power. For decades the institutional Left Wing worked successfully with the aim to create a sort of conformist monopoly of historiography and of knowledge in general, not only depriving “traditionalist” researchers of their cultural dignity but also all those who did not share certain principles. Basically – due to the complete, blameworthy and preposterous lack of interest shown, even in recent years of the so called bipolar political system, by the center-right parties – the Left Wing (the so called centre-left coalition, at present) has found it easy to deny  lots of individuals the opportunity to express opinions freely and with full knowledge of the facts about history as the not entirely random genesis of the human species. In addition part of the Left Wing has even recently afforded the luxury to make a sort of approximate and incomplete “review” of the facts of the last century, see, for example, the facts concerning sinkholes and the events of the Emilian “red triangle”: stories and issues known to us for decades indeed, but unknown to the public, in the attempt to give a more liberal and open image of herself but acting indeed with the express purpose of taming people through a shrewd, well-measured, casual technique of “partial avowal” (namely historically contingent) of frightening reality that, if analyzed with more raw intellectual and political honesty, would have exposed, once and for all, the scientific inconsistency and the substantial ideological falsehoods that is inherent in the Marxist and post-Marxist historiographical survey. Having said that, we believe that our magazine “STORIA E VERITA’”  (which, fortunately, has a staff of contributors of reliable moral and cultural depth) may help, as far as it can, reverse this mystifying, ill and inadequate policy or survey procedure giving space to an objective, and therefore non-conformist, review of those events that led, for better or for worse, to these momentous changes which we are witnessing to and of which, unfortunately, lots of Italians are not capable of giving a logical explanation yet (failure caused, as mentioned, by decades of misinformation). We do not certainly intend to offer the reader definitive solutions but an opportunity to choose, as well as offer him tools that can help him decrypt present through an honest and correct understanding of the past. We chose to follow this line in the belief that the real cultural commitment cannot be confined to isolation and to an onanistic elite type self-satisfaction (the antique and severe disease that afflicts the so called learned or “Italiot” world) but it must point to a proper and more extensive disclosure and, as far as we are concerned, to the reassessment of an immanent cultural heritage, that of Tradition (namely, the set of myths and of “natural” beliefs based on action on which the Western World has created its fortunes: the link between the cult of the sacred and reason) that arouses derision, but also scare, among the left-wing politicians, historians and philosophers so blindly committed to their speculative and unscrupulous pedagogical action to the point of forgetting the real, authentic and immutable “common feeling” of the peoples and nations. Thanks to all our kind readers. We hope you will enjoy the reading. A wish of good work to all our contributors (both “veterans” and new signatures), who have chosen and decided to engage in a fierce, but also qualifying and rewarding, battle in the name of Civilization.


Alberto Rosselli

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